Welcome to Kim’s Academy of TaeKwondo!


Kim's Academy: Fun for your whole family!

Conveniently located in Centerville, Utah, Kim's Academy of Taekwondo provides a fun and constructive activity for all ages!

Not only is Taekwondo an outstanding physical exercise, it gives you a great mental and emotional boost as well! Discover for yourself why Taekwondo is the most popular martial art in the USA, and the only art included in the Olympic Games.

Over 25 years of satisfied parents and students

Grandmaster Kim opened his first martial arts studio in Utah back in 1984. Now, over 25 years later, he is the Utah State Taekwondo President, and teaches, coaches, and mentors students ages 3-65 at three locations along the Wasatch Front.

If you've never seen Taekwondo before, we invite you to come into one of our studios and watch one of our classes. Then you will understand what makes Kim's Academy the best there is!

Our Mission

Kim's Academy of Centerville is a family-oriented martial arts studio dedicated to the development of character and inner peace characterized by superb quality and economic viability. Our strength is generated from our commitment to our students, our people, our industry, and our communities.

We teach using positive reinforcement, focusing on student's strengths while at the same time coaching and teaching in a way that promotes learning and improvement. Our instructors are all highly trained and experienced, and completely abstain from "militaristic" teaching methods that can be sometimes found at other martial arts schools.

Along with the physical conditioning and training, we focus on teaching mental strength as well, and espouse values including: self-esteem, self-discipline, respect, obedience, responsibility, confidence, and a positive attitude. For more detailed information about the different types of classes we offer, view our Frequently Asked Questions page.