Student's Philosophies & Creed



  1. Be loyal to your country, loyal sir.

  2. Be obedient to your parents, obedience sir.

  3. Be loving to your family, loving sir.

  4. Be cooperative with others, cooperation sir.

  5. Be faithful to your friends, faithful sir.

  6. Be respectful to your masters, respect sir.

  7. Be honest in personal matters, honest sir.

  8. Show concern for others, compassion sir.

  9. Never attack without reason, mercy sir.

  10. Finish what you start, persistence sir.



  1. To build true confidence through knowledge in the mind, honesty in the heart, and strength in the body, sir.

  2. To keep friendship with one another and build a strong and happy community, sir.

  3. Never fight to achieve a selfish end but develop might for right, sir.