Hapkido means "The Way of Coordinated Energy".  It is a Korean Martial Art developed by Choi Yong Sul.  Hapkido focuses on self-defense techniques that work for 90% of people in 90% of situations.  Breath and energy are the most important parts of Hapkido.  When a person can control their breath and energy as well as learn to work with the energy of those around them they can accomplish anything.



Haidong Gumdo means "The East Sea Sword Way".  Haidong Gumdo strives to develop strong minds, bodies, and spirits in all of its students.  The training of Haidong Gumdo develops great focus and helps each student value etiquette and respectfulness to others.  With a high-pressure world a person can find relief from stress and peace in their lives through Haidong Gumdo.  The techniques taught are designed to teach the student how to take one challenge, effectively deal with it, and smoothly move to the next challenge. 


Hapkido Classes

We offer Hapkido classes every Monday and Thursday from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. If you are interested in learning more about Hapkido, feel free to come in and talk with an instructor.